Collaborating Communities works in collaboration with other therapists and professionals in community and school settings and within online based support spaces.  

We keep updated with mental health legislation, also receives regular safeguarding children and adults training.

We give you the assurance of providing therapists who have enhanced DBS clearance and professional indemnity insurance. 


professional supervision membership

We are a membership based community where you will be supported by us by meeting with your personal group bi-weekly in a video conferencing format. Tools, tips, social media support, meet ups and other services are available for members and non members.

By committing to yourself and to your selected group you will joining a video conference space bi-weekly, on a day and time that will be agreed by you and set up when you join. You will have the option to communicate with your group outside of this time, but this will not be mandatory. It is often an added bonus that people create real, supportive relationships, but all that is expected for now is that you turn your computer on bi-weekly and bring yourself and be open to exploring your work within a supportive space.

Membership is a commitment for 6 months of group support.