A bit from Bianca

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting Collaborating Communities. If you are here, you are seeking something to support you on your professional journey. The very fact that you are seeking is evidence that you care about what you do and who you support. I take my hat off to all of you out there, doing the work, supporting others, being the best you can be. We did not choose the easiest of professions, but they are the most rewarding; and given the right conditions of our working life, we can all thrive and survive out there.

I wanted to bring you all together here because i recognise our similarities rather than our differences. I see the people who have care and passion for what they do, helping others, sometimes taking their work home, sometimes feeling alone with it all. I also recognised that each person who receives support, might be working with more than one of us at any time. How useful it is for them that we work together, rather than apart. It is all slightly ambitious and maybe its only a utopian dream. I hope that you can join me on this journey to strengthening our professional community.

Bianca SheikhBlog100