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Collaborating Communities is creating safe, confidential, supervision style spaces online and face to face, at your convenience, for you to be heard, to listen, to learn new skills, to heal, grow and flourish in your professional life.

We are a community that works in collaboration to support each other, to ensure that those in the helping professions work at their best, feeling mentally and emotionally healthy, with an optimistic focus on the unique value that we all offer.

This includes anyone who supports another person in their work-

Counsellors, Teachers, Nurses, OT’s, Healers, Coaches, Mentors, Psychiatrists, Advocates, Support Workers, Emergency Services and anyone else who works at the grassroots, supporting others. 

Our work is not the easiest and we yet we are often the most sensitive, big hearted, compassionate people out there.  

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We naturally and inevitably bring with us our own toolbox of experience, perspective, knowledge, and skills. Yet to the extent we resign ourselves to treatment in a vacuum, we neglect the treatment, as collaboration is essential to effective health care, not elective. We each naturally and necessarily engage in our work with people from different angles.
— Blake Griifin Edwards

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